Foghorn just returned from a wonderful tour of the Southeastern United States. We have always felt so welcome there, and are always pumped full of inspiration from the history, landscape, and mostly, from our good buddies down there who we are lucky enough to share good times and music with. It’s still true that you can learn the most from a musician hero of yours by staring down a campfire with him or her than trying to capture some tune on tape and lose the whole context.

We started our trip in Nashville after a red-eye flight from Portland. Talk about jumping right in! We played at our friend Brian Christianson’s fiddle shop, called the Fiddle House . His shop is in the front and the listening room/ gallery of violins is in back. It’s a nice and intimate setting to see a show in for sure, and if you ever need a fiddle, that’s the place to find one in Nashville. After the show we ended up around the corner at the 5 Spot, which was like a mini festival in a bar! Welcome to Nashville! Thanks to Todd Grebe and Angela Oudean from Bearfoot for letting us stay with them. It’s always good to hang out with Alaskan friends, and man, Grebe can write a song!!

From there we were off to Whitesburg, KY and met up with Brett Ratliff who played with us all night on banjo at the Summit City Lounge. Thanks again, Brett, for letting us use that killer banjo for the rest of the trip. The next day we headed up to the Mockingbird in Staunton, VA, then Bristol TN and VA, and then to Knoxville to play on WDVX’s Blueplate Special and later, for a contra dance at the Laurel Theater, with the righteous “Mayor of Knoxville”, Matt Morelock on banjo. Thanks to Leah, Matt, and Hollis! Y’all rock!

It was time to leave TN for a few days and head to NC and spend a couple of days off in Canton, NC with the Stuart Brothers and up to Mt. Airy with Chester and Nick McMillan and Kelley Breiding. They all play in a band together called Backstep. Check out Kelly singing in her band, Kelley and the Cowboys!. Chester brought enough beans, cornbread and chowchow to feed all of Round Peak and we played all night!! The next day we got to play 4 or 5 songs on WPAQ, a dream come true for us. Pretty much all of our music heros have played in that studio and/or over those airwaves. Thanks to Nick and Kelly for setting that up.


Later on that night we played a great outdoor square dance, called by Anna Roberts-Gevalt, in Roanoke, VA that was put on by the public library. They provided BBQ for all, catered by a local BBQ joint and everyone danced until after dark. Then we headed back to Johnson City,TN where we played the Down Home with our old pal Adam Tanner’s band, Twilite Broadcasters. Check ’em out! The next day we spent all day being tourists in downtown Asheville, NC with help from Michael and later tore it up all night at the Jack of the Wood, with special guests the Stuart Brothers on fiddle and banjo and Emolyn Liden clogging away. It was an amazing scene! As you could imagine, we were licking our wounds a bit the next day but headed over to Chattanooga to play the at the Barking Legs Theater. Thanks to Bryan Hamilton the great folks who came out on a Sunday night and hooted and hollered and had some laughs along with us. Next time we’ll have to make it to the music school there called the Folk School of Chattanooga. Then it was off to Nashville….


The Foghorn Stringband was chosen to play an official showcase this year at the IBMA World of Bluegrass Week in Nashville, TN. It was the perfect time to introduce our new guitar player and singer, Reeb Wilms, from Bellingham, WA. She has been a friend for years and we are super excited to have her on board with Foghorn. We have some good times ahead! We’ll all be doing a bunch of dates together starting in January. A new recording, perhaps?

We were there at IBMA along with the other bands on Quicksilver Productions‘ roster, including our oldest buddies in Portland, Jackstraw. We’re super proud to be working with Martha and Rob from Quicksilver Productions. Along with our official showcase in the Convention Center, a highlight was the Martin Guitar Showcase at Robert’s Western World right on Broadway in Nashville, sharing the bill with Michael Cleveland and the Del McCoury Band! We were supposed to play for half an hour, but got to play for a full hour thanks to such an enthusiastic response from the audience. Thanks to Larry and George from Martin and to all those rowdy folks in the crowd! The showcase for Quicksilver Productions was a hoot as well. Caleb also works with Quicksilver Productions and got to feature his country stuff with Reeb, Nadine, Sammy, Frank Solivan and Jason Norris from Bearfoot backing him up. Another highlight was a fiddle panel Sammy got to be a part of, hosted by Matt Combs, with other fiddlers, the legendary Buddy Spicher and the powerful April Verch. We had an all around great time at IBMA! Thanks to all who encouraged us and to the new people we met while we were there. Special thanks to super bass player and equally nice guy Mike Bub for hooking Nadine up with a beautiful Kay!

Foghorn Stringband at IBMA

Just A Little

Sud de la Louisiane

Shortenin’ Bread


Sammy, Caleb and Nadine will be off again soon to Austin and Lousiana, playing a bunch of gigs in the following bands: the Foghorn Trio, Caleb Klauder Country Band, Jesse Lege, Joel Savoy and the Cajun Country Revival. Check the schedule and see you soon!

IBMA and Southern Tour Coming Up

Wow, what a great summer it has been! In July, the trio had a blast at Mission Folk Festival and Floyd Fest with Dirk Powell. Then the stringband tore it up at Sioux River Folk Festival, Sioux Falls’ Latitude 44 and MBOTMA old time camp and festival. The trio then taught at Ashokan Southern Week for the first time and it was fantastic!

We are now gearing up for a Southern tour in TN, KY, VA and NC in mid-September leading up to an official showcase at IBMA.

September 14: Fiddle House, Nashville, TN
September 15: Summit City Lounge, Whitesburg, KY
September 16: Mockingbird, Staunton, VA
September 19: WDVX Blue Plate Special and Square Dance in Knoxville, TN
September 22: Square Dance at Main Library, Roanoke, VA
September 23: Down Home, Johnson City, TN
September 24: Jack of the Wood, Asheville, NC
September 25: Barking Legs Theater, Chattanooga, TN
September 26-29: IBMA

Check out the schedule page for more details. Hope to see you there!


Hi Everybody!

Summer is in full swing and I hope you’re having a great one full of good times and tons of music! For us, summer has always been about about getting away from the city and camping out, spending time with buddies and playing tunes! What else ya gonna do?

We’re all up in Port Townsend, Washington at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, an amazing week full of performances, instruction, and dancing of all kinds of traditions, not only American. We’ve been coming up here since 2003 and keep coming back. Fiddle Tunes is a week to not only expand your own musicality but also your knowledge of other musical traditions and the ingredients that make good music. It has very little to do with what kind of strings you use or the thickness of your pick… It’s an amazing week that fills your year with stories and inspiration! See you here next summer!

Last week, Caleb organized a benefit show to help our favorite Portland bar that has a dance floor, the Spare Room, improve their sound system. Wow, what a night!! Five local bands tore it up, bringing in friends and fans, Nadine and I made gumbo for everybody, and damn, was there dancing!! It’s so great to see so many folks coming out and shakin’ it on the dance floor and supporting a cool bar and venue. The bands were the Pickups, the Mighty Ghosts, the Pete Krebs Band, the Portland Country Underground, and of course, the Caleb Klauder Country Band! Next time Foghorn plays there we’re going get at least four squares raging on that dance floor…

The Foghorn Trio (along with Caleb’s son Elijah) kicked off the summer by teaching a camp in Grass Valley, California that was put on by the California Bluegrass Association. It’s a camp that happens the week leading up to their festival that happens there over Father’s Day weekend. Besides meeting all the nice students and enjoying amazing meal after meal, highlights were Caleb and Mike Compton tearing it up on double mandolins, playing fiddles and hanging with Matt Combs and hearing Alice Gerrard and Nadine singing and playing together. Wow!

From California we headed to the Martin Hotel in Winnemucca, Nevada to play a show put on by an organization called the Great Basin Arts and Entertainment. The Reverend P.T. Grover Jr. even made the treck on his motorcycle all the way from Portland to hang out! We’ve been playing there about once a year since 2002 and always look forward to it. Thanks to Bill and everyone else there for always having us back and supporting our music. The food is amazing, traditional Basque food served family style followed by their famous cocktail, the “Picon”. But, as we’ve warned you in the past, remember, “one, two, three, FLOOR!!”

From there we headed North to Weiser, Idaho for the the National Old Time Fiddler’s Contest. We go every year and camp out in Stickerville and play non-stop for about a week. Sound fun? My good buddy growing up, Andy Rick came down from Bellingham, P.T. continued on up and Brian “Snakes” Bagdonas came out from Portland too. We got to camp with Laurel Bliss, Reeb Wilms and the rest of the Bellingham crew and had a blast. You never knew what you were gonna hear or play!! I had a blast playing a bunch too with Riley from Seattle and  Elijah, Caleb’s son. Those guys rock!

Coming up this month we’ll be playing at the first annual Farmer Social, put on by Reeb Wilms of Bellingham, Washington. It will be July 15-17 in her hometown of Farmer, Washington. We’re all so pumped for this this! Reeb will also be playing guitar with Foghorn for two festivals in August, the Sioux River Folk Festival in Canton, South Dakota and The MBOTMA Festival in Richmond, Minnesota. The last two weekends of July the Foghorn Trio will be playing with our buddy Dirk Powell as the “Dirk Powell Band” at the Mission Folk Festival in Mission, British Columbia and at the Floyd Festival in Floyd, Virginia.

We hope to cross paths with you and share a tune sometime soon!!


Lonesome Highway reviews Sud de la Louisiane

Check out what Lonesome Highway, a “music portal for hard core country, folk, bluegrass, roots, and Americana” had to say about the new Foghorn Trio album:

Their website tells us that they play “ass kickin’ redneck stringband music” and that’s a pretty good description of the music this trio play. It’s accomplished, lively and lived-in. A mix of original and songs from The Carter Family, Kitty Wells and Doc Watson amongst others all sung with a passion that takes it beyond the notion of mere pastiche. It draws from a deep well but comes out fresh due to the fact that the trio of Caleb Kaulder, Stephen Lind and Nadine Landry have an obvious love for and skill in playing this essential raw and stripped down music. There are a mix of instrumentals and songs that feature the vocals of all three, who between them play some 8 instruments. The title cut has an obvious cajun swing feel with Landry taking the lead on the fiddle let song sung in French. Kitty Wells’ I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel comes through a time tunnel that could have seen it recorded decades ago, again Landry takes the lead vocal on this tale of loving the right/wrong man. Kaulder’s two originals fit beside the outside material easily. His mandolin instrumental Puttin’ Up The Wood is fast and shows the bands playing skills. There may be nothing here that those with a strong affinity with stringband music haven’t heard before but equally there’s little to complain about with such a sense of commitment on display. These songs speak down the ages and address issues that are as timeless as the music even if outside of specialist venues or radio programmes you unlikely to come across The Foghorn Trio unless your seeking it. If authentic sounding stringband music, likely filtered trough a punk rock background at some point, is something you enjoy then you can check them out at and listen yourselves.     —-Lonesome Highway, April 17, 2011

Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ reviews Sud de la Louisiane

Check out Tim Peacock’s review of Foghorn Trio’s newest record on Whisperin’ and Hollerin‘:

Authenticity is the watchword in Americana circles. As any number of promising European-based contenders have found out the hard way, you’ve got a head start if you’re from Nashville rather than Nuneaton if you’re trying to keep afloat within this genre and its’ tributaries.

Sometimes, though, a band can sound so utterly authentic that it’s hard to believe they could possibly have come from anywhere other than the part of the world suggested by the music they are so obviously in tune with.

Such is the case with THE FOGHORN TRIO. Based around founding members of The Foghorn Stringband, Stephen ‘Sammy’ Lind and Caleb Klauder plus Quebec-born Nadine Landry, the sound they make on ‘Sud de la Louisiane’ taps into a world of Kentucky bluegrass, Louisiana Cajun and Appalachian folk. It’s an ancient world where Elvis Presley (never mind Lady Gaga) is merely a glint in the eye of the future and terms like ‘credit crunch’ are wholly alien to the lexicon.

Consequently, it’s a bit of a reality check to look a bit closer and discover the band are based in urban Portland, Oregon although they did make the trek south to record the album in Eunice, Louisiana with Joel Savoy. A picture of the studio (formerly Savoy’s grandpa’s cook shack) graces the jacket of the CD and it’s a pretty fair visual representation of the album’s desire to literally get back to the country.

If you’re on the trail of a bona fide old time Americana experience, you’ve certainly picked the right barn dance. ‘Sud de la Louisiane’ is live, intimate and passionate, based around all-acoustic instrumentation such as mandolins, acoustic guitars, fiddles and stand-up bass. Indeed, on celebratory tracks like ‘Liza Jane’ and the instrumental hoe-down ‘Nuts & Bolts’ you can almost hear the timbers creaking as boots stamp on the floor to batter out an accompanying rhythm.

The majority of the tunes are covers, although much thought has gone into the cherry-picking, ensuring that lonely, God-fearing Country/Folk numbers like the Carter Family-penned ‘Hello Central’ flow seamlessly into the Cajun stylings of the title track and a spirited bluegrass chase like Noah Beavers’ ‘None of Your Business.’ There are a couple of originals penned by Caleb Klauder, but his mandolin-imbued lament ‘Just a Little’ and effervescent instrumental ‘Puttin’ up the Wood’ are constructed so skilfully they feel like vintage trips down memory lane anyway.

By the time the closing ‘A Bottle of Wine and Ginger Cake’ winds down, you’ve long since blown your inhibitions away and joined in the most celebratory party you’ll be invited to all year. With ‘Sud de la Louisiane’, The Foghorn Trio take your hand and lead you back to a simpler, more inclusive world which puts people and life first. Hearing them really does do you the world of good.

Cajun Country Revival takes Juneau Alaska by Storm.  Starting mid day on Thursday April 14th an influx of Southern Cajun and NW Country musicians will be flooding the ports of SE Alaska. No one seems to know how many exactly are expected to arrive andwhat they intend to do but one thing is for sure,  Juneau has definitely been through this before.  This is predicted to be the largest and most exciting influx from the lower 48 in the last 100 days, quite possibly the last 365 days. It is said that the town will be inundated by late Thursday night and that most folks are preparing for the event by taking time off work, stocking up on beer and wine, and tuning their instruments.  One civilian was quoted as saying “Alaskans are strong and we can handle just about anything the lower states throw our way, this is exciting”.  Another was quoted as saying ” we are so  *@#*ing lucky”.  While most Alaskans are not fully aware of the impact this storm will have,  reporters say there is an abnormally strong buzz in the air about the forthcoming events and there seems to be very little concern as to what (if any) the repercussions will be. In about  120 hours the Revival is said to begin dispersing and only then can Juneau expect to get things running back on a normal schedule.

Reporting live from Portland Oregon.  Follow the events as they unfold in Juneau over the following weekend.  (maybe)



Bluesbunny Reviews Sud de la Lousiane

Bluesbunny gave the new Foghorn Trio record three carrots out of five. Check it out:

Now this is a seriously polite and downright reverential album. The Foghorn Trio – a cut down version of the Foghorn String Band, it would seem – take fourteen songs, both self penned and a substantial number of traditional favourites and make with the kind of immaculately played fiddle driven old timey country music that will bring joy to the hearts of urban countryphiles everywhere.

The Foghorn Trio are made up of Caleb Klauder, Stephen Lind and Nadine (now there’s a country name…) Landry and they laconically two step their way through well kent songs like “I Don’t Claim To Be An Angel” and the splendidly heart tugging  “Hello Central” with surefootedness and commendable musical skill. As I fought back the urge to wear dungarees and a check shirt, it came to me that this was the kind of music that I used to listen to on those Mamou Cajun Radio LPs way back in the days when music was round and black.

Whilst not breaking any new ground, the affection that the Foghorn Trio clearly hold for this type of music stops them from falling in the always waiting traps of pastiche and parody. Traditionalists should lap this album right up.    —Bluesbunny, April 2011

Paul Kerr’s review of Sud de la Louisiane

Glasgow’s Paul Kerr, who covers Americana music on his site Blabber ‘N’ Smoke, loves the new Foghorn Trio record.

Been a while since we’ve had any old time string band music to mention so here’s one that’s coming out in May and is an absolute delight from start to finish. The Foghorn Trio comprise of two members of the Foghorn Stringband, an outfit from Portland, Oregon, Caleb Klauder (fiddle, mandolin and guitar) and Stephen Lind (fiddle, banjo and guitar) who have teamed up with Quebec born Nadine Landry who plays bass and guitar with all three sharing vocal duties. The title is a bit of a misnomer as there is little in the way of Louisiana here other than the title track, a Cajun song delivered by Landry. That said the album was recorded in Eunice, Louisiana by producer Joel Savoy whose rural studio is featured on the album cover.

The meat of the album is in god fearin’ honest homilies delivered in the style of the likes of the Carter Family along with strong instrumentals that feature the band’s dexterity. The majority of the songs are covers and they are astonishingly good at capturing the earnestness, innocence and to be fair the slightly hokum quality that is a quintessential ingredient in the pleasure one gets from listening to pre war country music. Two songs illustrate this perfectly. The Carter Family’s Hello Central is an aching plea to the Almighty from a youngster trying to contact his deceased mother, while Benton Flippen and The Smokey Valley Boys’ Go Home is a tremendous temperance plea. Listening to the versions here one could be forgiven for thinking you had been transported to a black and white world where television had not yet been invented and the sounds you hear guide your moral compass with your primary release being the weekend dance where you can let loose to the joyful fiddle and guitar of A Bottle of Wine and Gingercake.

Two originals by Caleb Klauder, the instrumental Puttin’ Up The Wood and Just A Little, a song very much in the tradition fit right in to the overall feel of the album. So pull out your bible, put away that demon drink and thank God you’re alive and able to enjoy such a fine recreation of past, more innocent times served with such virtuosity and love.
The Foghorn Trio play some dates in the UK in May.

—Paul Kerr, April 4, 2011

Another sweet review of Sud de la Louisiane

Check out this review from Flyin’ Shoes.

The Foghorn Trio might be  “Sud de la Louisiane”  for this recording, they might have a logo that echos the rebel flag and they might advertise themselves as purveyors of  “ass-kickin’ redneck stringband music”, but for all that they hail from Portland, Oregon – not really a redneck state, I’d have thought. The Foghorn Trio are actually just one manifestation of an outfit known as The Foghorn Stringband which turns up as a three-, four- or five-piece band as opportunity and circumstances allow. Heaven only knows what sort of a sound they make as a five-piece, because this Trio is capable of raising a fair old storm of old-time dance music, playing with a fervour and a sense of purpose that characterises true dance bands.

In this manifestation of the band, we have Caleb Klauder on fiddle, mandolin and guitar; Stephen Lind on fiddle, banjo and guitar; and Nadine Landry on bass and guitar. They all take turns at the vocals supporting each other when the song calls for it. The songs and tunes are culled from all corners of the American traditional music scene and were recorded at Joel Savoy’s studio in southern Louisiana.  The title track, a cajun tune from more than fifty years ago, is really the only song here that tips its hat to the region where they made this recording; the rest of the time, they’re looking  further north for their inspiration with covers of songs by Kitty Wells, The Carter Family and Doc Watson appearing alongside some inspired choices of material from less well known artists. One particular highlight is a cover of Go Home by North Carolina’s fiddle maestro Benton Flippen.  Nearly half the tracks are instrumentals, driving dance tunes all,  and recorded with a verve that could hardly be bettered if the band were being fired up by a Saturday night dance hall crowd.

What is remarkable about this band is that I haven’t heard another contemporary act who come as close to recreating the sound of mountain music as it was first recorded back in the middle decades of the twentieth century; it’s as if these guys have even got the mindset of those pioneers, so close do they come in every respect. It’s there in the feverish vigour of the fiddle playing, it’s there in the pacing, it’s there in the tone of voice when they sing and, most of all, it’s there in those little cracks in the otherwise perfect sound, the cracks where the honesty of their intentions shines through. If old-timey fiddle music is your kind of thing, then you absolutely must give these guys a listen; you’ll be in square-dance heaven.

John Davy, March 28, 2011

“Sud de la Louisiane” review from Devon Leger at Hearth Music

Dear Foghorn Stringband,

What a long strange trip it’s been! From your origins in the punk, DIY world of Portland’s urban old-time community to a major label signing with Nettwerk, you’ve been the seminal stringband of the past decade and you’ve inspired countless young musicians (myself included) to pick up fiddles, banjos, guitars, and to hop trains over to Portland for all night picking parties and moonshine square dance raves. What amazes me is that throughout you’ve been the same band with the same mission: to play the hell out of your favorite country and old-time tunes and songs with no hint of irony. We all projected our own ideas and fantasies on to the band, but you guys were hard as granite. You just played and played, never caring for the music industry or the hipsters’ world of indie roots music. And that’s always been the key to your music.

So it’s with great pleasure that I can report that the new CD from The Foghorn Trio (Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, Nadine Landry) is just as wonderfully vibrant and alive as the past albums from the full band. The album keeps the core of the Stringband, the hard-driving mandolin picking and the dry, dusty voice of Caleb Klauder, and the blazing fiddling and rough-and-tumble singing of Sammy Lind, and adds French Acadian bassist/guitarist Nadine Landry. Nadine also adds her beautiful, sparse singing and her knowledge of French for a few Cajun songs.

Recorded at Joel Savoy’s studio in Louisiana, it’s no wonder the Cajun culture of Down South has rubbed off on the band, in fact, word on the street is that Sammy Lind’s picked up the Cajun accordion and joined a band with fiddler Josh Rabie of the Water Tower Bucket Boys. But that’s beside the point. The point is that these young traditionalists still have what it takes to spin Portland urbanites around crowded dance halls, to lift the feet of drinking souls in bars across the US and to spin up clouds of dust at outdoor festivals. Cajun accordionist Octa Clark once said “You can’t go wrong if you play it right”; and it’s clear that the Foghorn Trio have taken this mantra to heart.

Thank you Foghorn Stringband for all the years of inspiration. Now that you’ve got a new CD as The Foghorn Trio, we can focus on the high, holy harmonies and face-blasting fiddle tunes that have always been your trademark. We can focus on the fine old songs, and new songs from Caleb. We can focus on this beautiful music, while you all focus on kicking ass.

Foghorn Trio CD Review and Upcoming Events

Hey there! Check this review of the new Foghorn Trio CD Review from Fiddle Freak:

Sud de la Louisiane

“The newest iteration of Fiddlfreak favorite Foghorn Stringband is the fooktastic Foghorn Trio, with Stephen ”Sammy” Lind on fiddle, banjo, guitar and vocals,Caleb Klauder on mandolin, guitar, fiddle and vocals and Nadine Landry on guitar, bass and vocals. Although these three have recorded together on previous occasions, their first full-length collaboration just hit the streets, titled Sud de la Louisiane. Its unassuming packaging belies what lies inside the simple cardboard envelope: 14 tracks of joy that range from heartland fiddle to Cajun heartbreak to old-school honky-tonk heaven.

Much has been said about certain urban revivalists that resurrect and even profit from the music of a culture to which they are outsiders. Well that ain’t Foghorn. I know nothing about the heritage of the Trio, other than the fact that Sammy saws a fiddle tune that could beat the devil, Caleb totally owns every song he sings, and Nadine has some deep French-Canadian family links. And the truth is, I don’t give a flying flock where they come from. In my book, when you play your music well enough to help define the genre, you’re IN. That’s exactly what Foghorn Trio does for traditional American folk music. Sud de la Louisiane will float you down a big muddy river to a red-hot front-porch pickin party that goes on all night.

The CD was recorded in Eunice, Louisiana by Joel Savoy at Studio SavoyFaire. (The picture on the cover shows Joel’s studio, which occupies the former home of his grandfather’s cook shack.) Get this CD, sit back in your rocker and enjoy a satisfying slice of bona fide old-time Americana.”
-Fiddle Freak

And check out a video from our Midwest Midwinter Tour, which by the way was amazing! Thanks to the Chicago Old Town School’s Trad Fest, Champaign Urbana Independant Media Center, Marilyn and Jim and the Strutt in Kalamazoo, Colin O’Brien and Linneman’s in Milwaukee, (This is the) Squirrel Hunters and the High Noon Saloon in Madison, Adam at the Encore and Art Stevenson and High Water in Stephen’s Point and Pert Near Sandstone and the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis and Mark and Lynne Lind and the St James Church in Burnsville, MN.

We’re heading to California pretty soon, the Foghorn Trio will be pairing up with Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum for a few shows including the Saturday night concert at the San Francisco Bluegrass and Old Time Festival, then Foghorn Stringband will be playing in Winnemucca, NV and back to San Francisco for a big square dance at SFBOT. Check out the schedule for all the info.

Happy February!

Foghorn Trio Midwest Midwinter Tour Starts January 21st

Foghorn Trio

Howdy Midwest! We’re coming your way and we’re bringing tons of our new CD, Sud de la Louisiane!

We’re starting a 8 day tour at the Old Town School Traditional Music Festival in Chicago along side Bruce Molsky and the Dustbusters January 21st and 22nd. Then we’ll double bill with the Dustbusters in Urbana, IL on the 23rd. The 24th, we’ll do workshops and a show at the Strutt in Kalamazoo, MI. Milwaukee, we’ll see you at Linneman’s on the 25th with Colin O’Brien. Madison, check us out at the High Noon Saloon on the 26th. On the 27th, we’ll open for Art Stevenson and Highwater in Stevens Point and finish the tour with a double bill with Pert Near Sandstone in Minneapolis on the 28th. Check out the details on our schedule page! See you there!

Here it is folks! The brand new Foghorn Trio CD. Available at CD Baby and Elderly in the next couple of days!

Foghorn Trio is Stephen “Sammy” Lind on fiddle, banjo, guitar and vocals, Caleb Klauder on mandolin, guitar, fiddle and vocals and Nadine Landry on guitar, bass and vocals. The CD was recorded in Eunice, Louisiana by Joel Savoy at Studio SavoyFaire. The picture on the cover shows Joel’s studio, his grand father’s cook shack! Good times in there!

Here are a couple of tracks from Sud de la Louisiane to listen:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You)” dl=”0″]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Gentleman From Virginia” dl=”0″]

Upcoming shows for the Foghorn Trio include a Midwest Tour from January 21-29, a California tour including collaboration with Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, and a Ireland/UK tour. Check our schedule page for all the details.

Happy Holidays and Busy New Year!

Foghorn wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ve had a wonderful year, traveling across the country, to Canada and Europe, playing tunes, discovering so many cool spots and meeting new friends. We sure are a lucky bunch!

The new year looks like another great one, lots of music and good times ahead. Starting on the 6th of January, Foghorn Trio is heading to their second annual BC tour, hitting Qualicum Beach and Victoria on Vancouver Island, then Vancouver and Bowen Island. On our return home, we’ll play Bellingham with our friends the Shadies then head back to Portland for the Old Time Gathering.

The Midwinter Midwest tour will then be starting on the 21st of January at the Trad Fest in Chicago along side Bruce Molsky and The Dustbusters.  The tour will then take us to Urbana, IL, Kalamazoo, MI, Madison, Milwaukee and Stevens Point, WI and finishing up in Minneapolis, MN. Check out our schedule for the details.

New products this year included Caleb’s new country record, Western Country, Sammy and Nadine’s Granddad’s Favorite, as well as Sammy’s two instructional DVDs. All products are available through CDBaby and Elderly Instruments (just in case your Christmas shopping isn’t done yet!)

The new Foghorn Trio CD will be available in early January as well as a Cajun/Honky Tonk album featuring Cajun musicians Jesse Lege and Joel Savoy.

Foghorn Stringband to play two shows Saturday

By Tyler Preston | Juneau Empire

Now, there’s no doubt that Juneau has seen more than its fair share of extremely talented musicians from around the U.S. over the past couple of weeks: Twilight Hotel, hailing from Austin, Texas; Agent Orange, out of southern California; and Naughty By Nature, from New Jersey. But the fun’s not over yet.

Waltzing into town this weekend on their Alaskan tour is Foghorn, the self-proclaimed “ass-kickin’ redneck stringband” from Portland, Ore.’s burgeoning old-time scene. Deeply rooted in the American folk tradition, they’ve been as far as Ireland, Denmark and Louisiana and are set to tear through two sets this weekend at Holy Trinity and The Rendezvous …. a church and a bar. Figures, huh?

The band’s ass-kickin’ acoustic ethos stems from their belief that old time music, played in a traditional way, is still very much alive in the 21st century. They are purists when it comes to performance. You know how you’ve seen stringbands grouping around a solitary microphone in movies? These cats actually do that! They prefer to keep their old-time old, thank you very much. Compared to the obvious old-time revival bands like Old Crow Medicine Show and Nickel Creek, they’re much more interested in recreating the way the music sounded in the ’30s and the ’40s, when it was done on a creaky porch in an Appalachian mine camp, rather than innovating – and, in the process of that, inadvertently eschewing – the old-time sound.

In keeping with the cobbled together, old-time aesthetic the group performs as a duo, a trio or a quartet, depending on which way the wind blows its various members. For the concerts in Juneau, they’ll be featuring Stephen “Sammy” Lind’s fiddle and Caleb Klauder’s mandolin, supported by the guitar of Nadine Landry. Landry is the newest member of the band, and she alternates on guitar and bass (singing the whole time, I should add) while bringing Cajun and country influences to the mix.

From what I can gather, it appears that their show at the Holy Trinity will be a sit-down affair, while the show at the Rendezvous will be more of a foot-stompin’ old time reunion with their Juneau fans. Both shows should be awesome – if at all possible, I think you should attend both. That’s what I’ll be doing. The acoustics rock at Holy Trinity, so the band will sound extra epic there, but we all know that a little whiskey and a little booty-shakin goes a long way toward the enjoyment of an oldtime band – it’s just the way it’s supposed to be, am I right?

Regardless of which show you attend, Foghorn is sure to deliver. And if you’re not convinced already, I recommend you check their website at and get a feel for their music. They’ve got four albums of material under their belt, and you can check out tracks from every single one of them. While you’re at it, check out Klauder’s new solo album, “Western Country,” released earlier this year. Hear samples at

Foghorn plays Holy Trinity Church at 7 p.m. Saturday, and at 10 p.m. the same night at The Rendezvous. The Holy Trinity show is $10 and is open to all ages.

Opening for Foghorn at the Rendezvous show will be Erin Hanson and Andrew Heist.

Be there.

Tyler Preston, Juneau Empire, November 19, 2010

Foghorn Trio Tours Alaska!

Thanks to the Homer Tribune for this great article:

Hard-driving String Band Keeps Tradition Alive

Whenever humans come together, there is music. Only relatively recently in our culture, did a separation arise between music performers and music listeners. In early America, playing music was a natural part of everyday life and everyone participated.

Portland’s Foghorn Stringband is part of a thriving revival that is keeping that old-timey music making alive and they are bringing this deeply rooted American tradition to Homer.

The Foghorn Trio comes to Homer on the heels of their most recent tour that took them to the Austin Stringband Festival and Louisiana Blackpot Festival where they recorded Cajun-Honky Tonk extravaganza with cajun musicians Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy.  And band member Caleb Klauder’s original country album “Western Country” recently hit No. 2 on the Freeform American Roots Charts, along side other American greats like Bob Dylan and Robert Plant.

Honky-Tonk-Cajun Recordings

Some of you may have heard of, or been to,  a few sessions we have had with the great Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy.  After playing a few shows together over the past year we have decided to get in the studio and make an album to celebrate the collaboration.  This week, before the Black Pot Festival, we are camped out at Joel’s house, in Eunice, Louisiana for a few days of recording and eating in the good ol’ southern humidity.  Yes it is hot, but we think it makes the music better.  Maybe it’s just the slow speed at which things happen down here that adds to the casual and relaxed feel in the studio.  We spent the first bit of recording ripping through some of Jesse’s classic renditions of cajun standards.  He’s the one take wonder.  We recorded live and busted out five tracks in the first three hours.  Paul Brainard on steel, Ned Folkerth on drums, Sammy Lind on guitar, Nadine Landry on bass and vocals, Joel Savoy on fiddle, Jesse Lége on accordion and vocals and Caleb Klauder on triangle, some guitar, and vocals.  We are doing a few french/english crossover songs to try and highlight the cajun and country connection. Photos and more to follow!!

Foghorn Trio California Tour

Wow, The Foghorn Trio just had an amazing trip down the California coast.  We stopped a long the way and met some amazing new friends and caught up with some old ones.  Like the old song I sang as a kid; Make new friends and keep the old one, is silver and the other is gold.  Its so true!   We stopped off in Ashland Or,  Redwood City CA, Seaside,  Los Osos, Goleta and Los Angeles.  Some of these shows had energy that doesn’t come around very often.  In the same show I can remember seeing tears, smiles, dancing,  closed eyes and hearing shouts of joy and excitement pretty much all at the same time. There must have been something in the air to allow for such a diverse emotional flood.  It is wonderful to connect with the audience like that it make s the whole music experience more alive and I think we need more of that kind of energy in this life.

Thank you all for your support.  We love meeting you all and spending time with you!

Montana, Idaho and Washington Tour: Awesome!

Well, we just finished a great July tour! We started the journey in Troy Montana, at the Kootenai River Bluegrass Festival. Awesome festival, great friends and a super cold river to jump in!

We played the Boiler Room in Kalispell on the roof top. Great evening!

We then made our way to Creston to the Montana Radio Cafe to do a live radio show on the front porch with Scott. We drove to Missoula and did a great music workshop where Foghorn played a few songs then split up into groups and gather all together back at the end for a mega jam! We later on shared the stage with Wise River Mercantile and had an amazing Monday night!

Old Time Workshop in Missoula
Caleb's Mandolin Class

After Missoula, we went to the Filling Station in Bozeman where we played with Holler n’ Pine. Another great night!

The next night we played in Gardiner, where we almost got taken away by the storm, but we survived and we able to make our way through Yellowstone and get to Boise, ID to play the Bouquet with Hookum Hi-Flyers.

We finished the tour in Olympia, WA playing a square dance with master caller Tony Mates sharing the stage with Rabbit Foot.

We want to thank Kenny Feintstein, of the Water Tower Bucket Boys for his amazing guitar playing on the tour, and congratulate Patrick and Maggie Lind on the birth of little Henry!

More to come in August: Pickathon, Subdued Stringband Jamboree and Beavergrass

Summer means shows and new releases!

Hey there! July already! Summer has been great so far, Weiser, shows in the Northwest with Dirk Powell and Fiddle Tunes.

We are now getting ready for a week long tour in Montana, Idaho, Washinton and Oregon, check the schedule for more details.

Pickathon, Stringband Jamboree and Beavergrass are also on the summer schedule. Good times ahead!

New releases: Caleb Klauder’s Western Country CD now available!

Caleb's new CD

Sammy’s new instructional DVDs are also available.                                                     Just email stephensammylind (at) to purchase your very own copies or order them through

Sammy's Beginner's DVD
Sammy's Advanced DVD

Foghorn Europe Tour Over Yet Unforgettable!

Foghorn is back in the States after 5 weeks of madness in Europe! First stop on the tour was the Shetland Folk Festival. After landing in Aberdeen, we found out the upright bass had a cracked neck… but thanks to fantastic Shetland luthier Ewen Thomson, the bass was as good as ever for the rest of the tour. The 15 hour ferry ride to Sheltland was filled with music and meeting up with old friends and making new friends. The festival was amazing, the bands great and the festival committee awesome!

Photo by Lieve Boussauw

After suffering from serious Shetlag, we picked up a van in Aberdeen and drove to Newcastle where we got on an overnight ferry to Amsterdam.  Although our stop was very short, we managed to play all afternoon outside the Cafe t’Monumentje, where we also played all night.

Next on the schedule was a week in Denmark. The first venue was way up north in a venue called Halkaer Kro in Nibe. Opening for Foghorn was the great band Basco. Then we went to Aarhus and played the Gyngen Bar and shared the stage with No Arms and Legs. The next morning, we got to busk in the Aarhus streets on a gorgeous sunny day!

We then made our way to the Wintercoat Brewery in Sabro and played a fun acoustic show in the packed brewery. We were surprised to see the name of the tasty beer they were pouring: Foghorn Ale!!! We drank it all! Hope they make more!

We then played in the Tonder School. Nothing like the sight of 500 students dancing to Lost Girl!!

We made our way to Copenhagen and played Woodstock in funky Christiania in the afternoon and Bloomsday at night.

We continued our Danish journey to the Con Amore Vinimport in Hinnerup, where we got to drink amazing wines! Then in Odense, we played a really nice club. We headed back to Copenhagen and played the famous Loppen in Christiania where we shared the stage with Lukas Graham and the Haunted Brothers, fun night! After our first day off, we headed to Deerlicke, Belgium and played a lovely house concert. Ferry from France to England the next day and played a 2 great gigs in London, Stags Head and Passing Clouds. Thanks to Joe at Magpie’s Nest for organizing the gigs and place to stay!

We headed south and the next day played the beautiful pub The Snowdrop Inn, followed by Aldershot’s Garden Gate. We also played Stroud at the great Prince Albert Pub and a 40th birthday party. After spending a couple days with friends near Edinburgh, we drove to Aberdeen and played the Blue Lamp, awesome night. Thanks Andrew!


Last but not least, we finished our tour at the great Orkney Folk Festival! Wonderful settings, great friends and awesome festival. Highlight of the weekend: 20 people crawling trough a tiny window, including the upright bass, to get inside a locked house for a party! What did the owner of the flat say when he walked and realized we were all in his house: Anyone need a drink? Brillliant! Cheers Peter!

Thanks to everyone for making our trip so amazing! We can’t wait to be back on the other side of the big pond! Until then, take care and keep in touch! Special thanks to Eugene Graham, for making this trip possible and all his family, Eva, Ella, Nieve and Lukas for all their hospitality!

In London with Eugene and Ella


New Releases Coming Soon….

In the next few months, new projects from members of Foghorn will come out. Stay tuned for the release dates.

Caleb’s new country record will be out real soon. New originals, great honky tonk songs and great players, what else need to be said?

Nadine and Sammy’s first record should also be out in the next couple of months. A mix of cajun songs, fiddle tunes and good old country numbers will fill the album.

Due to increasing requests, Stephen “Sammy” Lind just recorded two instructional fiddle DVDS that should come out before the summer. Focusing on bowing, Sammy teaches some of his favorite tunes.

Foghorn Stringband in Europe!


We are heading to Europe for a 5 week tour from April 28 to June 1st!

We will be part of the Shetland Folk Festival and Orkney Folk Festival as well as concerts in Denmark, England, Scotland, Netherlands and Belgium. See our schedule page for all the details.


Hello everyone and welcome to our new website!  You’ll find all the current info you need on the band, schedule, bookings, etc. We will be constantly adding stuff, so visit often!